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Knowledge and technology in the service of health and quality of the milking process

By producing all kinds of fixed and mobile milking machines as well as parts needed in the milking process, Saba-Shirdoush has played a prominent role in improving the health of livestock and dairy products in the country.


Gaining a special place in the market by producing all kinds of milking machines and parts

By setting up the first specialized laboratory for liners in the country, while obtaining the formulation and production technology of milking liners according to the global standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Organization) and BFR (European Union), Saba-Shirdoush scompany has been able to obtain the European (CE) certification and by developing the production lines of vacuum injection devices, it meets the country’s need for this group of products.
The use of standard and automatic milking machines of Saba-Shirdoush, in addition to guaranteeing the health of the animals and milk, will have a significant effect on facilitating and accelerating the animal milking process

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At Saba-Shirdoush company, the quality control team meticulously examines and monitors all production liners for quality. They utilize the chemical and polymer laboratory, along with the expertise and knowledge of their experienced personnel, to conduct international standard tests. By ensuring the quality of their products, they contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of animal health and the production of top-notch dairy goods.
In addition, in the customer support department, we are trying to satisfy you as much as possible by providing services such as training, warranty, and after-sales service for milking machines and providing various payment terms.

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