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Understanding the work challenges and gaining the satisfaction and loyalty of livestock farmers has always been one of the priorities of the Saba-Shirdoush team in producing products and providing services in this company. Your positive feedback and constructive suggestions can help us improve our products’ quality and our future services.

Teaching how to use milking machines and replacing milking parts:

Access to detailed and complete training on how to use milking machines or replace their parts has a significant impact on the correct functioning of the machines and also the satisfaction of livestock farmers. In this regard, in addition to providing full explanations when selling milking machines, the Saba-Shirdoush team has prepared product manuals, produced numerous training videos, and standardized the customer support process to answer your questions. Carefully reading the product manual and watching the training videos will clear up many of your doubts about how to use the device and replace its parts, but if some of your doubts remain unanswered, you can raise your questions about the installation and use of milking machines or replacing its parts with the experts of the collection by calling the number +98 9131655394.

Providing warranty and after-sales service for fixed and mobile milking machines

One of the main tasks of the service and support team of Saba-Shirdoush is to identify technical needs and provide advice and solutions to answer them.

Saba-shirdoush services in this section will include all milking parts and fixed and mobile milking machines as follows:

  • Mobile milking machines have a 6-month warranty and after-sales service.
  • Pulsator milking machines will have a 1-year warranty.
  • Fixed milking machines have a 1-year warranty and have support in the field of replacing or repairing parts.

Please keep in mind that when purchasing, ask our experts for the details of the warranty and guarantee services for milking machines, as well as the detailed instructions for after-sales service of milking parts.

To learn more about the Saba-Shirdoush company and all milking equipment and devices produced in this collection, download the catalog.

Providing various purchase conditions for customers

Paying attention to the economic conditions prevailing in society and the reduction of people’s purchases across the country has prompted Saba-Shirdoush company to add the needs of credit purchase and payment by check to the sales processes of its products, in addition to the possibility of a cash purchase of milking machines
This possibility is considered with the aim of increasing the purchasing power of livestock farmers.
It is hoped that by providing purchase facilities and various methods of paying for fixed and mobile milking machines, we can solve some of your concerns and play a role in the prosperity of the livestock industry and the supply of dairy products in the country.

Guaranteeing the quality of milking machines and parts

Saba-Shirdoush Company considers ensuring the quality of mobile and fixed milking machines and the conformity of milking parts with international standards as one of its most important commitments to the country’s livestock farmers community, and it is trying to improve its position in the eyes of customers and the global competitive market by continuously moving in the frontiers of technology and seriousness in complying with global standards in the production of its products.
To know about the quality control process of milking machines and their parts, refer to the quality control page and see the details of the laboratory tests performed on the products of this company.

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