Pneumatic Double-unit Goat-Milking Machine

Product No. 903000012

Weight: 52.4 Kg

Temperature (Vacuum Manometer): 60 mm

Capacity of Milk Container: 35 Litters

Milking Capacity: 25 to 30 goat an hour

Size: 110*58*170 cm

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Contact number: (+98) 9131655394

The double-unit pneumatic goat milking machine consists of two goat milking clusters, a four-channel pneumatic pulsator, a coupled pump and motor, and a 35-liter milk container.

This type of goat milking machine is capable of milking two goats at the same time, but a single milk container for milking both goats is installed in the milking machine, which is also called a single bidon milking machine. This tank is connected to the machine in mobile milking machines and when milking goats, whenever the capacity of the tank or the volume of the bottle is full of milk, you can empty the milk from the container by separating the bottle from the machine and continue milking the other goats after reconnecting the milk tank to the machine.

The double-unit pneumatic goat milking machine with a pump and coupled motor can milk 25-30 goats and will be more efficient due to factors such as low consumption, less noise and the use of an electric motor with a low ampere.

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The company, identifying traditional milking process issues has done its best to, by manufacturing goat milking machines, play an important role to lift some cattle breeders’ issues, uplifting livestock health, in addition to milk sanitation.

Generally, Saba-Shirdoush machines are supplied in two categories fixed in place and mobile. Knowing milking machines in deep and their proper use during the milking process may reduce potential problems of an udder and milking process. Furthermore, the machine reduces task difficulty significantly.

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Technical Specifications:

• Machine Weight: 52.4 kg
• Temperature (Manometer Vacuum): 60mm
• Capacity of Milk Container (Bidon): 35 Litters
• Material: Aluminum
• Milking Capacity: 25-30 goats an Hour
• Machine Size: Length: 1700 mm, Width: 580 mm, Height: 1100 mm
• Electromotor: 1 HP – 5.1 A
• Voltage: 220 V
• Motor Revolution: 1500 RPM
• Hz: 50 HZ
• Pump: 140 liters a Minute
• Pulsator: 50/50 Pneumatic
• Crab Bidon: goat-Milking with an Automatic 180 cc Valve
• Wheel Size: 220*40 mm


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